Welcome to Andy's Taxidermy. My name is Andy Speer, licensed taxidermist and owner of Andy's Taxidermy. I am the night time taxidermy instructor at Montgomery Community College in Troy NC. Andy's Taxidermy is located just 6 miles outside of Troy, NC at 255 Tower Road in Montgomery County.

I first began in 1990 helping my good friend Bob Morgan at Bob's Sporting Goods in Biscoe mount a few animals. Then I went to Montgomery Community College and took taxidermy classes to learn more mounting techniques. In 2000 I opened Andy's Taxidermy as a hobby/part time business. Over the past few years the business has grown into a full time job which I truly love. As an avid outdoorsman I have spent countless hours observing wildlife in their natural habitat. I have hunted all over the United States, Mexico and Canada to increase my ability to reference species all over North America.